About the Tech Partnership Learning Hub

This learning hub is the home for a range of online resources developed by leading tech employers through the Tech Partnership - the network of employers collaborating to create the skills for the digital economy.

The Tech Partnership's ambition is to deliver the skills for a million digital jobs in the UK by 2025, by inspiring new and diverse talent into digital careers. To reach this goal, the Tech Partnership has developed the Tech Partnership Learning Hub for schools, colleges, and individuals.


TechFuture Classroom resources - Teachers can access project-based resources for GCSE students. Based on real-life scenarios, the exciting challenges include designing a website for a famous musician, and learning about cyber security in CyberCity.

Cyber Security Accreditation for Teachers - Created in partnership with NAACE, this opportunity for continuing professional development (CPD) allows teachers to gain more knowledge about cyber security and share it with their students.

TechFuture Badge Academy - Working in line with the Mozilla Foundation Open Badge programme, the academy provides a revolutionary way for young people to learn tech skills outside of formal qualifications by earning digital badges.

Digital Marketing Online Course and Certificate - Providing the digital marketing skills and knowledge that employers want, these are ideal for learners in employment who need to upskill, and those seeking employment. The TechFuture resources are FREE to all primary and secondary schools in the UK, thanks to the generous sponsorship of employers through the Tech Partnership.

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TechFuture Girls - an after-school club resource to help teachers and club coordinators make technology fun for girls aged 9-14, building their confidence around areas including coding and cyber security.

TechFuture Ambassadors - for teachers/club coordinators to request the assistance of a tech or digital professional, available to volunteer their time in schools to inspire young people.

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