Q. How do I join?

To access our e-learning courses and materials register here. We have a collection of formal e-learning that is aimed at particular audiences such as schools which will require authorisation from our admin team. We also have courses that are open to all. Once you have registered we will contact you to find out your requirements in more detail.

Q. How much does it cost?

Currently our e-learning is free but we will be introducing a payment facility which will be applied to some of the courses.

Q, I'm a school teacher and want to give access to my students but don't know where to start?!

Perfect! Please register and provide some background information. We will then reply with further details about how you can manage your students, how we can help. As a teacher you will have the ability to view reports on the activity of the students such as courses attended, completed etc.

Q. I'm an adult wanting to improve my IT skills, is this website for me?

Absolutely, currently we have some great Cyber Security courses that introduce learners to the key topics within Cyber. Many of courses cater for schools at this moment in time but we aim to populate this website with learning material aimed at broader audiences.

Q. Can I view my students progress?

Yes but you will need to have the administrator rights. This can be done via enrollment and authorisation from ourselves to make sure you are indeed the teacher at the school in question. 

Q. Is your website secure?

Security is something we take very seriously. Our website is protected by an SSL certificate and management of the users and the enrollment is handled by the proven Moodle learning management system. Moodle allows moderators and administrators to manage their specific students, without having to rely on third parties. We do not store any personal information such as address or payment card information. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 11:13 AM