This module teaches students over 20 HTML5 tags, and how to use them to create a web page with formatted text, images, tables, lists and even an audio player. Students also gain the skills to help the Intel team fix a Piano App that has some bugs in it with provided code and a set of video tutorials.

This module moves on from coding in HTML5 to using cascading style sheets to style web pages. Students learn how to use class and id attributes, style images with the box model, and wrap text with the float attribute. They also learn how to apply CSS to whole websites as well as single web pages. From their understanding of CSS, they can fix the second bug in the piano app, which involves working with CSS code.

This module is the final of the three that introduce students to web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Students learn how to use JavaScript to add interactive and dynamic features to their web page including user input fields and buttons, a simple calculator and an inflating balloon that eventually bursts (with a bang!). Extension activities also introduce students to creating and using JavaScript objects. By the end, students can add functionality to a piano app to turn it into a game.