Learn about data, how it is represented and used by computers, and how the Cloud works in this project with Capgemini. Locate a data centre taking account of multiple variables and let us know your solution! 

Work with a software architect to design a new social media application that tells you where your friends are, and when they will arrive, through a spoken message. Explore different options for the solution, and find out how decisions about new apps are made. 

Self enrolment

Learn all about the Internet of Things and wearable technology devices before designing and building your own with help from the team at O2. Find out about the technology behind wearables and the IoT, think about form and function, and how developers have to carefully think about security. Use provided downloads and kit to create your own wearable.

A project where students use big data and analytical tools to figure out how a disease outbreak started and spread in school. Use industry standard software kindly provided by SAS UK and JMP and provided datasets to solve the problem of how the disease infected the school. 

Guest access